Birds and its Food Habits

We will learn about different birds and its food habits.

Birds are the only animals which have feather on their bodies. Like us, birds have two feet. They do not have arms like us, but have wings in place of arms. These wings are attached firmly to their bodies. They have strong muscles to flap them. Wings are very useful to birds. Most of them can fly with the help of their wings.

Most birds are very light in weight due to their thin and hollow bones. Observe the body shape of a bird, it looks like an airplane. The front part of its body is thin but the middle part is broad. This helps them to fly. Birds use their tails to turn or change the direction during flight.

First, a bird jumps in the air and flaps its wings. This helps to push it upwards and forwards in the air. For landing, it spreads its wings and comes down.

Some birds like eagles and vultures fly very high while some birds like parrots, sparrows and crows fly at a low height. Some birds like the kiwi and ostrich are unable to fly although they can run very fast. We will be surprised to know that there are nearly 8600 known kinds of birds in the world.

Birds and its food habits:

Different birds have different food habits. Birds like parrots and pigeons eat seeds and fruits. Birds like crows and ducks eat both, plant produce and flesh of other animals. Birds like eagles and vultures eat the flesh of other animals.

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