Nesting and Hatching of Birds

We will learn about the nesting and hatching of birds.

Most of the birds can fly in the air. The different body features help a bird to fly easily. A bird has a boat-shaped body. Its body is covered with feathers. It also has wings and a tail. The bones in the body are hollow and filled with air making the body of the bird very light in weight. All these features help the bird to soar high up in the sky.

Most of the birds live on trees. They build nests to live in and for laying eggs to reproduce.

What is hatching?

Mostly the mother birds sit on the eggs to keep them warm. After some days, the eggs break and baby birds come out. This process is called hatching.

The parents protect and feed their baby birds. When they grow into young birds, they fly away. Their parents also leave the nest. Birds build a new nest every time they have to lay their eggs. Different birds build different types of nests. Bird’s nests are made from twigs, leaves, grass, straw, thread or cotton. Some birds use mud and pebbles to build their nests. They build their nests at a safe place which protects them from their enemies and bad weather.


All birds hatch from eggs.

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