Feathers of Birds

We will learn about the different types of feathers of birds.

As we know, birds are the only creatures with feathers on their bodies. Different birds have different types of feathers. Some birds have feathers in different colors, arranged in special patterns, e.g., the parrot or kingfisher. Feathers are very useful to birds. They help them to fly. Feathers keep them warm, protect their skin.

The feathers covering the body of a bird are of three types – flight feathers, body feathers and down feathers.

Flight feathers:

Flight Feathers

Flight feathers help a bird to fly. They are much stronger and harder than other feathers. They are found in the tail and wings of a bird.

Body feathers:

Body Feathers

Body feathers give a certain shape to the bird. They cover the body.

Down feathers:

Down Feathers

Down feathers keep the bodies of birds warm. They are very minute, hairlike, soft and fluffy.

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