Transpiration and Photosynthesis are Compromise

Definition of Photosynthesis - Photosynthesis is a biochemical process by which green plants make their own food in presence of water, carbon dioxide, sunlight is called photosynthesis. This is the process where chemical energy is stored in the glucose and later it is released as energy for performing different physiological activities.

Process of Photosynthesis - Photosynthesis is the process by which chlorophyll of green plants make their own food in presence of sunlight, water, minerals, carbon dioxide and prepared glucose by the release of oxygen. This is the only process by which sunlight is trapped inside the leaf and stored as energy. As we know energy source of the living beings is only sunlight. Photosynthesis is observed in the green plants as it collects water by the roots and transported to the upwards by the tissue called xylem. Photosynthesis process is dependent on the closing and opening of stomata. Opening and closing of stomata is operated by guard cell of the green leaves. This opening of stomata helps to uptake of carbon dioxide and sunlight from the sun. After productions of food in the leaf, it is then transported to the different parts of the plant by the phloem. Opening and closing of stomata takes place by the increase and decreases concentration of the fluid in the accessory cells.

Definition of Transpiration - Transpiration is the process by which green plants absorb water from the roots to the upward direction and the water is evaporated by the pores of the leaf is called transpiration.

Process of Transpiration - As transpiration is the process where water is evaporated from the pores of the leaf and again absorbed by the root for the fill up of blank space. Filling up of the capillary is occurred due to the transpirational pull. Evaporation of water from the plants body takes place by the stomatal transpiration, lenticular transpiration, cuticular transpiration. If the water is excess in plants body then it evaporates out to the environment and decreases the temperature of the plants body. But if there is scarcity of water in plants body and still evaporation takes place then the plants body become very dry and is called guttation which may hamper the physiological balance of the body. Sometimes it may causes the death of the plant.

Transpiration and Photosynthesis are Compromise

Relationship between transpiration and photosynthesis- As photosynthesis is a process where water is required and is oxidised to give oxygen. On the other hand carbon dioxide is reduced to form glucose. In presence of photon particles from the sunlight water is hydrolysed to give two molecules called hydrogen ion and hydroxyl ion. Then the electron from the hydroxyl ion release and transfer to the different components of the photo system (There are two photostated in the plants PSl and PS ll). Photosynthesis is essential for transpiration because during photosynthesis roots absorb water from the soil which then later evaporated from the plants body leaving a blank space. This space is then fill up by water called transpiration pull.

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