Worksheet on Word Problems on H.C.F. and L.C.M.

This topic would provide a worksheet to the learners on H.C.F and L.C.M which will contain various types of sums and hence will serve as a scope for thorough practice of the students.

1. A milkman has two kinds of milk with him. One of 160 litres and another of 140 litres. Now he wants to sell both the kinds of milk of equal volume by filling in his tins. Find the greatest number of such tins he is able to sell.


20 liters in each tin

2. Four bells started tolling together and they toll after intervals of 16 seconds, 14 seconds, 18 seconds and 20 seconds respectively. They last tolled together at 7: 15 am. Find the earliest time when they will again toll together.


5040 seconds = 84 minutes

They will toll together again at 8:39 am

3. Find the least number of students in a class such that they make rows of 15, 20 and 25 and form a perfect square.


900 students

4. An alarm at Alex’s room beep after every 6 hours and an alarm at John’s room beep after every 8 hours. They last beeped together at 8: 30 pm. When they will again beep together at the earliest and at what time?


24 hour

They will together at again 8:30 am next day

5. Find the highest number of students among whom 1001 bags and 910 shirts could be distributed in such a way that each student get the same number of shirts and same number of bags.


The highest number of students = 910

6. There are three measuring rods which measure 64 cm, 0 cm and 96 cm in length. Now find the least length that could be measured which those rods an exact number of times.


The least length = 960 cm or 9.6 m

7. Alice is arranged some snacks for her child’s birthday party. After the guest left she has some food left over. She has 14 pieces of pastries and 16 pieces of cookies and 12 chocolate bars left. Now she wants to make the maximum number of packets with those foods so that no food is left for distributing to the beggars at the roadside. Find the greatest number of packets that she can be making.


2 packets

8. In the school sports ground after every 2 days the karate team meets. And after 5 days the yoga team meets. Both the karate and yoga group met in the sports ground today. Then determine the day when they will again meet?


After 10 days

9. Find the least number that is divisible by all the natural numbers from 1 to 10 (including 1 and 10).



10. Find the least number which when divided by 28 and 32 leaves behind remainder 8 and 12 respectively in each case.



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