Flowers, Fruits and Seeds

We will learn the relationship among the flowers, fruits and seeds.

The most beautiful part of a plant is the flower. We see flowers like rose, jasmine and lotus. Flowers are of many colors, shapes and sizes. Most of the flowers look very beautiful. Many flowers have a pleasant fragrance too.

A flower blooms from a bud. Let us locate a bud on a rose plant. Watch it daily. We will see how it grows from a closed bud into a flower.

The flowers of different plants grow into fruits. We all like to eat fruits because mostly they are fleshy, tasty and juicy. Many fruits are delicious to eat. Most of the fruits contain seeds inside them. Some fruits have only one seed. Others have a number of seeds. Some fruits have no seeds.

Some fruits like the papaya and watermelon contain many seeds inside them.

Some fruits like oranges, apples, etc. contain a few seeds inside them.

Some fruits like the mango, peach, etc. contain only one seed inside them.

Some fruits like the banana have no seeds.

Most plants grow from their seeds. Each seed contains a baby plant inside them. It is protected by the outer part of the seed, which also stores food for the baby plant. The baby plant grows when the seed gets air, water and sunlight. It keeps growing till it becomes an adult plant.

Let us look at a mango tree when it begins to flower. We can see so many yellowish white flowers. The mangoes (fruits) grow from these flowers.

Now we will discuss about the functions of flowers, fruits and seeds.

Functions of a flower:

(i) The flower grows into a fruit.

(ii) The flower helps the plant to reproduce.


Functions of fruits and seeds:

(i) A fruit protects the seeds within it. From these seeds, new plants grow.

(ii) Every seed has a baby plant within it, which grows into a new plant.

Parts of a Plant

Roots and its Functions

Stem and its Functions

Leaf and its Function


Flowers, Fruits and Seeds

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