Parts of a Plant

In plants life how the different parts of a plant is important to live. We see many trees and plants around us. Some of them are big, while some of them are small. They also have different shapes and colors. Plants and trees are living things.

Just as we have different body parts (organs) to do different work, plants also have different parts to do different work.

Take out a balsam plant from the soil and shake it and remove the excess soil. The plant has two parts –one growing above the soil and the other under the soil. The part of a plant that grows above the soil is called the stem or shoot and the part that grows below the soil is called the roots. The branches, leaves, buds, flowers and fruits are parts of the stem.

A plant has roots, stem, branches, leaves, buds, flowers and fruits. Every part of the plant is important and each part of the plant carries out a specific function.

Note: There are over 260,000 types of plants in the world.

Parts of a Plant

Roots and its Functions

Stem and its Functions

Leaf and its Function


Flowers, Fruits and Seeds

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