What are called stomata?

The lowers side of a leaf has many tiny holes. Plants breathe through these tiny holes. These holes are called stomata.

As we know, plants are living things and they need food and water to survive. Leaves prepare food for the whole plant. They use water, air and sunlight in the presence of a green substance called chlorophyll present in them. This chlorophyll catches the sunlight to make food. Leaves get water from the roots through the stem. They take carbon dioxide from air. With the help of the carbon dioxide, water and sunlight, it prepares food for the plant. The process of making food is called photosynthesis. So, leaves are called the kitchen or food factory of the plant.

The food goes to all parts of the plant through the stem. A part of the food made by the leaves is used by the plant to grow. The remaining part of the food is stored in its seeds, stems, roots, fruits or leaves. The lettuce, spinach, cabbage, etc. store food in its leaves.

During photosynthesis, leaves give out a gas called oxygen, which is breathed in by all living things.

Note: The stomata are usually open during the day and close at night.

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