Organs in Our Body

The organs in our body, which help us to feel or sense the things around us are known as sense organs.

In fact, we know the world through our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin these are the five sense organs in the body. Sense organs are connected to the brain through nerves. Sense organs send messages to the brain. The brain responds these messages and thus we know about the things around us.

Sense of sight: Our eyes help us to see the things around us. We learn about the shape, size and color of an object by looking at it.

Sense of sound or hearing: Our ears help us to hear different sounds. We learn the sounds of different things.

Some sounds like music are pleasing and soothing. Other sounds like banging and screaming are loud and harsh. There are things like thunder which we cannot see. Yet we hear the sound of thunder.

Sense of smell: Our nose helps us to smell. Smells are of many different kinds. Our nose picks up these smells and the brain tells us about it.

Some smells are good and some are not good. We like the smell of a flower or food. If it is the smell of garbage we do not like it. We cover our nose to keep out the foul smell. The nose performs another important function which is breathing. It helps us to stay alive.

Sense of taste: We taste like sweet, sour, salt and bitter with our tongue. Taste-buds on the tongue tell us about the different tastes.

Sense of touch or feel: We feel with our skin that an object is cold, hot, rough, smooth, hard or soft.

Our finger tips are the most sensitive parts of our body. Lips, too, are very sensitive.

These five sense organs in our body play a very important role in our life. They are connected to our brains. Beside these organs, our body has many other organs. They work together in different groups. A group of organs, working together to do some major work for our body, forms a system.

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