Teeth and its Importance

Teeth and its importance part of our body. Teeth give shape and structure to the face. Teeth help us to bite and chew our food. Teeth help in speech. We are able to form words and speak clearly.

The first set of teeth which appear in a baby are called milk teeth. By the age of two years, the child has twenty teeth.

At the age of six years, the milk teeth begin to fall. New teeth, which come in the place of old teeth, are called permanent teeth. By the age of twenty-five years an adult has thirty-two teeth.

Different kinds of teeth and its importance:

We have three kinds of teeth.  They have different functions.

1. Incisors are the biting teeth:

The front teeth are thin, flat and harp. We use them to bite into the food.

2. Canines are the tearing teeth:

These teeth are pointed and used to tear off pieces of food.

3. Molars are the grinding teeth:

These teeth are at the back. They are broad, flat and strong. They are used to chew food.

Teeth have their roots in the gums.

What will happen to our teeth if we do not take good care of our teeth?

If we do not take good care of our teeth then:

(i) Food particles will remain between the teeth.

(ii) Bacteria will thrive on these food particles.

(iii) This will cause a foul smell.

(iv) The teeth will decay. Gums will get infected.

(v) This may result in a toothache.

How can we take good care of our teeth?

(i) We should brush our teeth every morning.

(ii) We should also clean the tongue and massage the gums after brushing.

(iii) Eat plenty of fibrous fruits and raw vegetables to clean and strengthen teeth.

(iv) Wash and gargle every time after we eat something.

(v) We should brush our teeth at night before bedtime.

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Teeth and its Importance

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