Care of the Sense Organs

How should we take care of the sense organs?

We should look after and take proper care of our sense organs. We must keep our sense organs clean and protect them from damage.

The eyes:

(i) Eyes are the most delicate organs. We should be careful to protect the eyes from injury.

(ii) We should wash our eyes daily with fresh, clean water.

(iii) We should not rub or touch the eyes with dirty fingers or a dirty handkerchief.

(iv) Always study or read in proper light.

The ears:

(i) We should not clean the ears with any sharp or pointed object. This could damage the eardrum.

(ii) We should cover our ears if there is a very loud sound.

The nose:

(i) When you wash your face every morning blow your nose to clean it.

(ii) Always use a clean tissue paper or a handkerchief to clean your nose.

The tongue:

We should clean our tongue every morning when we brush our teeth.

The skin:

(i) Clean every part of your body while taking a bath.

(ii) Dry your body with a clean towel before you wear fresh clean clothes.

(iii) Change undergarments daily.


Care of the body is care of the skin.

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