Hair and its Importance

How to take care of our hair and its importance to the body?

Everybody is born with hair on their head. Different hairstyles make each of us look different.

Hair also serves another important purpose. It prevents loss of body heat through the head.

Look at the hair of your friend his or her hair is of different colors and textures. Some have light brown hair. Some have brown - black and even black hair.

Some have straight hair and some have curly hair.

If we look carefully we will find some people have shiny hair. Shiny hair is healthy hair. They take good care of their hair. We should also take care of our hair.

How should we take care of our hair?

(i) We should wash our hair regularly. If hair is not washed regularly, lice will breed in our hair.

(ii) We should always comb our hair neatly.

(iii) We should always use our own comb.

(iv) We should clean our comb regularly.

(v) We should apply oil on the scalp and hair regularly.

(vi) Hair should be kept short or tied neatly to protect it from dust.

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Hair and its Importance

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