Worksheet on Multiplication on Fraction

This worksheet will provide a variety of sums on multiplication of fraction for practice. It will help in clear understanding of the topic multiplication on fraction. It will also develop confidence and better in-depth knowledge on the topic.

The worksheet is based on multiplication of fractions with whole numbers, multiplication of mixed fraction with another mixed fraction. It also contains multiplication using properties of multiplicative inverse and other properties of multiplication. This worksheet also contains story sums based on multiplication of fractions with another fraction or whole number or mixed fraction. The aim of this worksheet is to provide students a complete practice on every type of multiplication sums based on fractions.

Here are few problems on multiplication on fraction for practice:

1. Find:

(i) 6/7  × 70

(ii) 6/25  × 1500

(iii) 37/12  × 480


(i) 60

(ii) 360

(iii) 1480

2. Find the product:

(i)  110 × 2/5

(ii) 65 × 5/13

(iii) 95 × 3/5


(i) 44

(ii) 25

(iii) 57

3. (i) 7 of 12 6/7

(ii) 1 4/3 of 5 2/14

(iii) 25 1/2 of 2


i) 90

ii) 12

iii) 51 

4. (i) Find the multiplicative inverse of 65

(ii) Find the multiplicative inverse of 43/3

(iii) Find the multiplicative inverse of 7/11


(i) 1/65

(ii) 3/43

(iii) 11/7

5. Fill in the blanks and state the property wherever applicable:

(i) 3/5 × 7 1/8 × 8/9 = …………………..

(ii) 56 × 9/8 = …………………..

(iii) 17/3 × 0 = …………………..

(iv) 31/37 × 37/31 = …………………..

(v) 11/13 × 1 = …………………..

(vi) 18/17 × 5/17 = ………………….. × 18/17



(ii) 63

(iii) 0; Property : Anything multiplied by 0 is 0

(iv) 1; Property: A fraction multiplied by its inverse is always 1

(v) 11/13 ; Property : Any fraction multiplied by 1 is the fraction itself

(vi ) 5/17 ; Property: If two or more fractions are multiplied then the order of multiplication does not effect the result 

6. There 255 marbles in a bag consisting red and white marbles. Out of which 4/5 are red marbles. Find the number of white marbles.


51 white marbles

7. A rope is cut into 15 pieces. The length of each piece is 3/5 cm  . Find the total length of the rope.


9 cm

8. There are 1500 students in a school. Out of which 4/5 are boys. Find the number of boys and girls in the school.


Boys = 1200

Girls = 300

9. Rohan’s mother gave him 50 pens. He gave 3/5 pens to his sister. What is the fraction of pens given to his sister?



10. In a birthday party 20 children were invited. Each child got 3/2 of a chocolate bar. How many chocolate bars were required all together?


30 chocolate bars

11. There are 50 toffees in a packet. Ram gave 4/5 of the toffees to his sister. How many toffees did Ram gave to his sister?


40 toffees

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