Animals and Plants

We have seen different types of animals and plants around us. They both are living things and they have certain common characteristics.

Yet, plants and animals differ from one another in many ways.

We have seen a cat or a dog running or walking.

Have we seen a plant or a tree walking?

We have seen a cat killing a rat and eating it or a cow eating grass.

Now let us see how animals and plants differ from each other.

1. Movement

Animals move from one place to another.

Human beings are also animals. They also move.

They move here and there for various purposes.

Plants do not move on their own and they require the help of humans or animals to do so.

2. Food

Animals do not make food. They eat plants and other animals.

Human beings eat cereals, vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat and many other things.

Green plants prepare their own food with the help of air, water and sunlight.

 Moulds and mushroom do not prepare their own food. They are not green plants. They feed on dead and decaying matter.

3. Breathing

Animals breathe through different body parts. Many animals and human beings breathe through nostrils.

Insects have tiny holes through which they breathe.

Fish breathe through gills.

Plants breathe through pores on their leaves.

4. Reproduction:

Animals reproduce by giving birth to their own kind.

Some animals reproduce by laying eggs.

Plants produce seeds and later, seeds grow into the same plant.

5. Sense Organs

Animals have sense organs like eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. Sense organs help animals to know the outside world.

Plants do not have sense organs.

Does living things depend on one another?

Yes, all living things depend on one another for their living.

Birds and some animals live on trees. They eat fruits. They may drop some seeds.

New plants grow from these seeds. They grow into big trees and give fruits.

Trees give shelter to birds, animals and human beings.

Waste from animals mixes with the soil. Plants and trees get nutrients from this soil.

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Animals and Plants

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