Living Things Feel

All living things feel happy or sad. We laugh when we feel happy. We cry when we feel sad. Living things also feel whether it is cold or hot. When we touch something hot we feel the heat. Even when we touch anything we feel that the thing is rough or smooth, whether it is hard or soft.

Like us, animals and plants can also feel cold, heat or pain. They feel danger. They search for their food through their sense organs. Have we seen a dog wagging its tail to show happiness?

Plants too can feel. Plants look fresh when watered. They do not have sense organs but they feel changes around them. Sunflowers turn with the sun. The leaves of the touch-me-not plant close immediately, when we touch the plant.

Non-living things do not feel anything.

Does a car feel hot or cold when kept in an open place?

No, it does not feel hot or cold because it is a non-living thing and so, the car does not feel anything.

Now, let us think about our cricket ball.

Does it cry when we hit it with our bat when we play cricket?  

No, it never cries because it is a non-living thing and so, the ball does not feel anything.

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