Living Things Grow

All living things grow. Let us see our photograph when we were born. We can see a very small baby in that picture. Perhaps we cannot recognize that it is our own photo.

When we were born, we were very small. Since then we have been growing continuously. We can look at our photograph when we were about 4 years old. We can look ourselves today. We surely look different. We have grown up. After some years, we will grow into an adult. So, it shows that a child grows into an adult.

Similarly like us, plants and animals also grow.

Seed Growing into Tiny Plant

Seed grow into a tiny plant. A tiny plant grows into a big plant or a tree.

A chick grows into a cock or hen. A kitten grows into a cat.

So, all living things grow.

Now, think about non-living things. Think about the doll with which we played is of the same size even today. The doll has not grown so, non-living things does not grow.

Practice the activity to check this on your own.

Let us take two small plastic bags and fill each bag with soil. Plant some seeds in one bag and a pen in another bag. Water both the bags for several days.

What do we see after several days?

The seeds have grown into tiny plants whereas; the pen has not grown at all.

So from here we come to know that non-living things do not grow.

Can we name any non-living thing which grows? Do our book, pencil and bag grows?

No. No one grows at all. So, all living things grow while non-living things do not grow.

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