Living Things Need Food and Water

Living things need food and water to survive. If any such creatures do not get food for a very long time, they will die since; we know no living things can survive without food and water.

Food and water helps all creatures to grow and live. Food and water also gives us energy needed to work and play. Similarly, animals and plants also need food to stay alive. Animals get their food from plants and other animals. Plants make food for themselves with the help of air, water and sunlight. A plant will dry up if it is not watered regularly.

Animals, plants and human beings need food and water. 

Living Things Need Food and Water

Do we carry a tiffin box and a water bottle to school? If yes then why?

When we are hungry or feel thirsty we need to eat food and drink water.

Can we name a non-living thing which needs food and water? Does our school bag or water bottle eat any food or drink water?

No, they do not eat food or drink water. So, we should remember that, only living things need food and water for their survival. Non-living things do not need food and water because they are lifeless.

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