Living Things Reproduce

All living things reproduce. Humans, animals and plants reproduce their own kind. Humans and most animals give birth to babies that are like themselves. This is called reproduction. 

We have seen a small baby in a hospital. Do we know from where the small baby comes? Who gave birth to her? Her mother gave her birth. You too were born as a baby.

Animals reproduce by giving birth to young ones. Dogs give birth to their young ones. A cow gives birth to her calf. A cat gives birth to a kitten. Similarly donkeys, monkeys, goats, rabbits, etc. also give birth to their babies. 

Some animals like snakes, birds and insects reproduce through laying their eggs. Their babies hatch from these eggs. Birds lay eggs which hatch into tiny birds.

Most plants reproduce from their seeds. When the seeds fall on the ground they grow into new plants with the help of the sunlight, air and water. Some plants like potato, ginger, roses, etc. produce new plants from different parts such as stems, roots and leaves. So, all living things can reproduce.

Does a big car reproduce a small car?

No, a big car cannot reproduce.

Does a big table reproduce a small table?

No, a big table cannot reproduce.

Non-living things like chairs, balls or clothes cannot reproduce at all.

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