Worksheet on our Basic Needs

Worksheet on our basic needs contains the various types of questions about the basic things we need to live and grow.

Read the concept to answers the questions on our basic needs.

I. Answer the following questions:

1. What are the basic needs we need to live and grow?

2. Name two of your needs.

3. How do you protect your body from cold?

4. Why is food necessary for us?

5. Why do we need clean clothes?

6. Why should we drink fresh and clean water? 

7. Why do we need a house?

II. Fill in the blanks:

1. We need fresh and clean air to ________.

2. ________ is used for drinking.

3. We should not eat ________ food.

4. We need ________ and ________ in rainy seasons.

5. A house protects us from ________.

6. Our house must be ________.

III. Put a tick (√) against the correct sentences and a cross(X) against the wrong ones:

1. Plants help to keep air fresh.

2. We should drink dirty water.

3. Food makes us strong.

4. Dirty water contains germs.

5. Our house should be airy.                                              

Check the answers of the worksheet on our basic needs:


I. 1. The basic needs we need to live and grow are air, water, food, clothes and house.

2. Air and water.                        

3. We wear woolen clothes in winter.               

4. Food is necessary for us because food give us energy to work and grow.

5. We need clean clothes because clothes protect us from heat, cold, rain and dust.

6. We should drink fresh and clean water because dirty water contains germs and germs spread diseases.

7. We need a house because a house protects us from heat, cold, rain, animals and thieves.                      

II. 1. breathe

2. water

3. stale         

4. raincoats, umbrellas

5. wild animals

6. airy

III. 1. √

2. X

3. √

4. X

5. √

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