A House

We all need a house to live in. A house is our basic need. It protects us from heat, cold, snow, wind, rain, wild animals and thieves. Our house gives us shelter and comfort. A good house should be airy.

A good house should have a bed room, a drawing room, a dining room, a study room, a kitchen, a store-room, a bathroom and a toilet. We take rest in the bedroom. We welcome our guests in the drawing-room. We take our meals in the dining-room. We study in the study-room. Mother cooks food in the kitchen. We store things in the store-room. We take a bath in the bathroom.

There are many types of house. The different types of houses are a pucca house, a kutchcha house, a tent, a caravan, a house boat and an igloo.

The different types of houses are made of different types of things or materials.

Different Types of Houses

Pucca house 

Kutchcha house





-      A house made of bricks, cements, stones, etc.

-      A house made of hay, grass, twigs, etc.

-      A shelter made of canvas

-      A movable house

-      A house made on the boat.

 -     A small round house or shelter built from blocks of           hard snow

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A House

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