Our Basic Needs

What are our basic needs in our daily life?

We need many things to live and grow. Our basic needs are air, water, food, clothes and house.

We need fresh and clean air to breathe. Fresh and clean air is free from dust and smoke. Fresh air is very good for health.

Plants help to keep the air fresh and clean. We should go for a walk early in the morning to get fresh air. We should plant more trees to get more fresh air. 

We need clean and fresh water to drink. Dirty water contains germs. Germs spread diseases. So we should use fresh water for drinking. Boiled water is free from germs. So we should drink boiled water. Drinking water should be kept covered. Water is used for many purposes, e.g. washing, cleaning etc.

We need clothes to wear. Clothes protect us from heat, cold, rain and dust. We should wear clean clothes. We wear cotton clothes in summer. We wear woolen clothes in winter. We need raincoats and umbrellas in rainy season. Clothes make us look smart. We should wear clean, well stitched and comfortable clothes.

We all need good food. We should eat fresh and nutritious food. Food gives us energy to work and grow. Food helps us to become strong. We should not eat stale food. Stale food makes us ill. Food items should be kept covered. We should eat food at the fixed time.

We all need a good house to live in. A house protects us from heat, snow, cold, wind, rain, animals and thieves. A house should be airy. The surrounding of our house should be kept clean.

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Our Basic Needs

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