Worksheet on Needs of Air

Worksheet on needs of air contains the various types of questions on presence of air, uses of air, properties of air, why air is essential for all living things to stay alive and why air is necessary for burning.

Read the concept to answers the questions on needs of air.

I. Answer the following questions:      

1. What do you mean by wind?

2. Give an example to feel presence of air.

3. Give two properties of air.

4. Does air have force?

5. Has air weight?

6. Why do plants need air?

7. What happens when wind blows?

8. Write two uses of air?

II. Fill the blanks:

1. __________ is all around us.

2. Moving air is called __________.

3. Air is needed for __________.

4. All __________ need air to keep themselves alive.

5. Air is needed for __________.

III. Put a tick (√) against the correct sentences and a cross(X) against the wrong ones:

1. Air is no where.

2. Air has no weight.

3. Moving air is called water.

4. Air is necessary for burning.

5. Air fills space. 

IV. Tick the correct word:

1. Moving air is called (wind / smell).

2. Air (occupies / does not occupies) space.

3. (Water / Air) is needed for burning.

4. Air has (weight / color).

5. Wind helps in running (tonga / windmill).

Check the answers of the worksheet on needs of air:


I. 1. Moving air is called wind.

2. The example to feel the presence of air is when we switch on the fan, things like pages of book and curtains move.

3. The two properties of air are:

(i) Air has force.

(ii) Air fills space.

4. Yes, air has force.

5. Yes, air has weight.

6. Plants need air to make their food.

7. Clothes sway when wind blows.

8. The two uses of air are:

(i) Air is necessary for breathing.

(ii) Air is necessary for burning.

II. 1. Air

2. wind

3. burning

4. living things

5. breathing

III. 1. X

2. X

3. X

4. √

5. √

IV. 1. wind

2. occupies

3. Air

4. weight

5. windmill

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